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We are GSA!

Building a long lasting graduate family

Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a constituent society, exclusive to Postgraduate Students in the UNSW Business School - i.e. for both Coursework and Research Students. 


Our mission is to enhance the university experience of students through the unique integration of professional development and social events that provide opportunities for them to connect, share ideas, and feel empowered to create their own futures.


At Graduate Student Association, we rely on four pillars that underpin our vision: Community, Collaboration, Curiosity and Challenge. Our aim is to assist GSA Members in making the most out of their time at university. We achieve this by offering various services and events that allow them to develop their professional skills while also having fun at university. 

Become a Member today and make the most out of your time at the UNSW Business School. Be a part of our team! 

Team Brainstorm

Executives & Management

By the Lockers

Rent a Locker


Common Room


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