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GSA Treasure Hunt and BBQ

Hi everyone!

Finally we all made it to mid semester and the GSA has organised an amazing Treasure Hunt and BBQ to get those endorphins pumping and reduce your stress.

Put your Indiana Jones hat on, crack your whip and get ready to find some hidden treasure.

Trust us the friends you make during the treasure hunt are friends for life! Everyone will be divided into teams of 4. Each team will be provided with clues and puzzles that they will need to decipher in order to find the treasure.

Gather your friends to compete against fellow students in a race full of puzzles that will lead you to the lost treasure, on an exciting journey around UNSW.

The first team that finds the treasure will win a prize worth $200. Buy your tickets NOW!!

After the treasure hunt we will provide an amazing BBQ to re-fuel.

Starting Point: Central Lecture Block 
Date: 15th September 2018
Start Time: 09:00Am – 12:00pm
Price: $7 (BBQ lunch included)

Come be a part of the GSA family and make some new friends and post your adventure pictures on social sites with #GSA.

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