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Rent a Locker

We at GSA understand that students have loads of activities and lectures to attend and don’t want to worry about carrying all those books and equipment around campus. Luckily, GSA provides you with lockers to store your everyday belongings so you don’t need to take them home!


Lockers are located at the Postgraduate Common Room, which is at the centre of our campus, making it a convenient place to store textbooks and laptops.

Each locker has a unique key. The key will be kept by you for the whole term. Lockers can only be rented by UNSW Business School postgraduate students.

We offer the following lockers:

  • For a Small locker, the fee is $15 + $25 (refundable deposit) - whole term

  • For a Big locker, the fee is $45 + $25 (refundable deposit) - whole term

  • For existing locker renters, the renewal fee is $10 (small locker) / $35 (big locker)

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