Term 3: Week 1 Newsletter

GSA welcomes you all to a fresh new term with a lot of interesting events and opportunities that will help you to enjoy and learn new things as Business School students. So hope you had a relaxing break, because its time to pull your socks up and excel.

Westpac Visit

Come join GSA on our visit to the Westpac HQ on the 13th of September.

Take this opportunity to network with professionals and to witness first hand, the operations at a major corporate office

Make sure you register soon, and only register if you are able to make it, as we have limited spots.


Event Details: Date : 20th September, Friday Time : 2.00 - 4.00 pm Location : Westpac HQ, Sydney


GSA Committee Applications are Open

This is your opportunity to join the GSA Team and get involved with us in a way that helps you to make the best of your university experience.

Benefits for You:

Get an insider understanding of our organisation and prioritised access to GSA events;Learn from experienced Team Managers and Executives and develop important communication, teamwork and people skills;"Backstage pass" to network with GSA sponsors, industry professionals and guest speakers;Boost your resume with a Certificate of Appreciation from GSA.

Portfolio Options:

Event Team

Operations Team

Professional Development Team

Marketing Team

Professional Networking Team

Digital Media Team

Human Resources Team 

Team Objectives:

Events Team

Support the Event Logistics Manager in the planning and execution of all GSA events and activities;Assist with contacting external suppliers to secure venues, transport and catering;Arrive early at GSA events to help with setting up and preparations;Always be the potential backup members in other teams’ event and be prepared to offer some help and support

Operations Team

Support the Operations Manager in updating the "Standard Operating Procedures" documents for all GSA events and activities;Assist with keeping an inventory list of all property and equipment of GSA and replacing missing or damaged items;Ensure the GSA Common Room is kept presentable

Professional Development Team

Support the Professional Development Manager with planning and organising our flagship career development Events;Assist with approaching Employers to source internship and graduate opportunities for our Members;Attend GSA events (Especially professional) and be willing to assist with events when needed

Professional Networking (External Opportunities) Team

Support the Manager with contacting the employer to provide Internship Opportunities for Students;Assist the Manager in arranging case competition, Work simulation and any professional training for Students;Attend GSA events (especially professional) and be willing to assist with events when needed.

Marketing Team

Support the Marketing Manager in marketing campaigns and efforts to increase awareness and student participation at GSA events;Support the Marketing Manager with generating content for email newsletters to keep GSA members updated about GSA activities, student opportunities and business-related news;Assist with the design of promotional messages for GSA activities;Attend GSA events and be willing to assist documentation of the events when needed.

Digital Media Team

Support the digital media manager with social media promotion and be the main force behind designing promotional materials for GSA activities;No coding experience required, just an eye for good design and a keen willingness to learn;Perfect opportunity for people with an interest to learn more about digital media, IT and design;Canva and Photoshop experience is highly desired but not essential.

Human Resources Team

Planning and organising the GSA team bonding activities; Team party, Team gathering and managing group chat;Supporting the HR manager with managing the GSA peer mentoring program;Managing and analysing feedbacks for GSA events;Coordinating the rosters for the event's attendance.

3 things we expect from our all potential team members: 1) Support the Team Managers in achieving their respective portfolio responsibilities; 2) Be present at our scheduled social and professional events to facilitate the smooth running of these events; 3) Promote GSA and encourage your friends to participate in our events and activities (it's really doing them a favour)

--------------------------------HOW TO APPLY---------------------------

1. Simply answer the questions in the application form. 2. Attach your resume.

Please remember to include your student ID and the degree/program you are currently studying.

Your application will be forwarded to the relevant team manager and they may contact you for a meet-up. You may apply for all the portfolios you are interested in. Please list a maximum of 2 portfolio preferences. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.

If you are looking to gain an invaluable learning experience while giving your resume a boost, Apply and Join the team!

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and will CLOSE on Friday, 20th of September at 11.59 pm.

We wish you the best with your applications!


GSA x CRED: 30 Day Social Impact Challenge

GSA has collaborated with CRED to come up with a 30-day challenge (Iphone users only), which includes various habit changing activities and achieving a UN global goal and working towards that goal for a period of 30 days.

It's believed that small actions by many people can create big change. Hence we plan on bringing a group of 16 to 30 participants to complete this challenge and make a difference.

This is also a chance to make good friends as you will be added to a Facebook group, where you can interact and discuss your goals and progress with others. 

At the end, the participants who complete this challenge will get a goodie bag and a recognition certificate from CRED.

So apply now and become a part of this wonderful 30 day journey.


Welcome Week

We're gearing up for T3 with a whole heap of festivities. Pick up some prizes, find the freebies and join a club or society at our Welcome Week celebrations.

𝗧𝗨𝗘𝗦𝗗𝗔𝗬 • Pepsi - You won't miss the van handing out heaps of Pepsi drink products! • HeadSpace - Get tickets to Jam in a Jar 2019 • Peter Pans Coogee - 2 x $500 prizes to give away • Extra Gum - Handing out more gum than you can chew Indomie Noodles - Oodles of noodles • V-Energy - Handing out product galore so you can walk into class with an afternoon buzz • Red Cross - Experience the rewards of becoming a donor Vodafone - need a new mobile plan or international SIM?

𝗪𝗘𝗗𝗡𝗘𝗦𝗗𝗔𝗬 • We Bare Bears - The rewards are again at the top! Handing out loads of free merchandise and take a selfie in their car! • Bumble - Noodle Combi - love at first bite.

Brought to you by Arc - UNSW Student Life. We would like to acknowledge the Bedegal people that are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which this event takes place.

EVENT DETAILS: Date: 17th & 18th September, 2019 Time: 9:00-17:00 Where:UNSW Mainwalk way

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