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Welcome to GSA!

A warm Welcome to UNSW and congratulations on getting accepted into the Business School!

This is the start of an enriching postgraduate journey that will guide you towards the professional career path of your choosing.

We are here to make this path a bit easier and much more fun!

Whether you are continuing in your pursuit of knowledge or starting a different field of study, we the Graduate Student Association, are here to help YOU. We believe that student life is a unique combination of professional development, social activities, being involved and making the most out of your time at university. Helping students achieve this experience is GSA's goal.


We organise a variety of events and professional workshops, we open doors to networking opportunities with industry professionals and we offer opportunities to get involved, volunteer and build connections.


GSA is more than just a support body - we are a family and we welcome you to join us a dear GSA Member.

Janel Tumpalan


Graduate Student Association


Nisrina Nur Amalina Praharso - HR VP.jpe

Nisrina Nur Amalina

Vice President of Administration


Richard Zhong

Vice President of Professional Development


Arita Panging

Vice President of Operations


Anisha Tahilyani

Vice President of Marketing


Phuong Uyen Vu

Vice President of Digital Media


Rathi Raja

Vice President of Finance


Digital Media Manager

Abhay Chellani

Sponsorship Manager

Ketan Adlakha

Career Development Manager

Manan Mehta

Events Manager

Saurabh Kaura

Marketing Manager

Tim Klapheck

Professional Opportunities Manager

Maria Hadinata

Operations Manager

Niharika Kodare

Human Resource Manager

Shawn Alex

Admin & Compliance Manager

Ambresh Bajaj

Finance Manager