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The Art of Networking

Job hunting season is coming, and you're a little nervous about talking to your potential colleagues or employers?
GSA has got your back!

The Art of Networking Workshop

Keeping up with life at Uni and searching for what’s next can be overwhelming, just as much as the thought of going into the job market without a plan. Let us help get you started.

We often hear our lecturers and industry professional mention how important it is to build up your network. That’s why, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Graduate Student Association is conducting its own guide to networking workshop.

It is peer-to-peer, interactive workshop aimed at preparing your for networking events throughout the semester and into your professional career. In the workshop you can expect to:
-Participate in activities that help set you apart from the crowd
-Learn how to foster meaningful professional relationships
- Share your own experiences.

11am-12pm, Friday, 25th of August

Workshop Coordinators: Trevor Walker and Jayeeta Chakraborty

Venue: G24, The Place, Business School

Limited spots, don't miss your chance! Register Now!